for the masses
More than just healthcare benefits
Smartian is an Employee Benefits Platform that provides employees access to subsidised Life & Wellness products & services.
We empower companies to provide benefits beyond healthcare, allowing employees access benefits that are relevant to their needs, including their dependants.
Smartian for the Masses
Smartian is the only answer that focuses on the wellness of your employees. Smartian is built for all companies and employees, even if you are just starting up alone or you are bigger than Google, we got you covered. Temporary workforce? Welcome to the benefits you deserve.
Services We Provide
Employee Benefits
HR System for Automated Claims
In-app booking and purchases of benefits
Partners with discounted rates for wide range of wellness categories
How it works for Employees
Use benefit credits on approved categories
Select products and make bookings directly to services
Claims completed!
How it works for HR
Talk to us!
Choose your HR Plan
Onboard employees seamlessly
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